COLLECTIONS- Unrivaled Proposition for Private Collectors

In – House Collection

We have one of the largest known collections in the Middle East: It consists of Unique Collector Items and Antique Pieces (aged 100 years & older).


Auction Houses

We have a direct and established relationships with a number of recognized auction houses in Europe, which enables us to procure rare pieces of significant artistic value.


Noble Museums

We frequently receive pieces which at some point were used for museum display, where the proprietor is seeking a sale.


Famous Artists & Weavers

We have direct relationships with some of the most recognized artists and prominent weavers and these weavers are able to source unique pieces for investment purposes.


We can also facilitate commissioned pieces (made to order) and have completed various projects for dignitaries and private collectors in the past.


Network of Private Collectors

COIC’s reputation and 86 years history puts it at the cross-roads of many art dealers and collectors.

Moreover, we have an active purchase program to supplement our growing private collection.


In addition to our gallery and collection of Persian carpets, we offer our customers a number of ancillary services: