Dear Collectors,


For millennia, patrons of fine art ranging from powerful emperors to current day business leaders have acquired Persian carpets for their enormous aesthetic appeal. These fine pieces are undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian art dating back to 500 B.C. Even today, the creative process remains unique and extremely time-intensive. For example, the Persian carpet commissioned in 2001 for the Grand Mosque in the Sultanate of Oman required 12 million man hours from 600 artists over four years.

There are many aesthetic qualities that speak to the opulence and luxury of Persian carpets and we hope that you will learn about these on our website. However, when you acquire a Persian carpet, whether for your home or your private collection, it is important to remember that you are making an investment. Persian carpets last a long time – indeed most are passed from grandfather to father to son and so on. Fortunately, however, they have equal appeal in a classically-decorated space as they do in a minimalist contemporary setting. Second, it is art that offers both form and function. A fine rug may be the center piece of a grand room for entertaining or it may adorn the family room where it is experienced closely from a floor cushion. Last, as with any good investment, Persian carpets tend to hold their value with time. The market does not experience bouts of stylistic fads as most art does – the classical appeal of Persian carpets, the methods and the workshops remain largely unchanged for millennia. Also, with the declining population of skilled weavers and artisans, the production of fine pieces has declined steadily over the last three decades.

Finding the perfect piece requires passion and patience. Our role is to act as the advisors on this journey. Our emphasis is on quality and artistic merit; characteristics which are universal and should never be compromised. There is also another consideration and perhaps of comparable importance. When acquiring art, an intimate bond is forged between the buyer and the art itself. When this bond is formed, the piece is no longer merely decorative or transactional. Instead, the collector recognizes the beauty unlocked by the artist and his medium.

Our gallery is open to visitors, students, collectors and art institutions, and we look forward to your visit.
Yours truly,

Jalil & Dawood Hosseinzadeh
Managing Partners